SAT Training & Education

The platform for training and educating surgeons through SAT programs.

SAT Training & Education offers Surgeons and Doctors

opportunities to explore innovative avenues

to improve patient’s lives.

For more than ~30 years, SAT has tirelessly strived to restore mobility and improve lives. With our endeavour to ensure the highest standards of quality, we are proud to say that we have zero recalls on our products.

To make sure that we continue our legacy in the years to come, we’ve established SAT Training & Education. Through this platform, we offer our continued support to Surgeons and Doctors and the opportunity to engage in the know-how of SAT products.

“Empowering medical professionals with the knowledge of the future”

The SAT Training & Education platform comprises a robust group of people with the zeal to offer continued global education. We strive to promote highly focused training, workshops, conferences, and so much more on specific orthopedic topics. Based on the Training Program, the surgeon will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge with other experienced surgeons through our Unique Education Engagement Programs:

Panel Discussions with Expert Medical Surgeons
National and International Conferences
Product Group Meetings
Invitations to Spectate Live Surgeries with SAT products
Challenging Case Evaluations
Advanced and Master Training Programs
Zer0 Product Recalls


We are committed to deliver solutions and transforming the way joint replacement procedures are performed.