Consensus® Hip System (CHS)

Proven fit and fill stems developed from established design principles for over ~32 years.

Product Information

The Consensus Hip System has been designed to restore patient biomechanics. It offers a wide variety of implant options for all types of patients. The non -porous cemented stems feature incorporated with a smooth finish to minimize wear due to micro-motion between the bone and stem.

Product Features

Trapezoidal Polished Necks

Increases ROM and reduces the potential for impingement

Compound Proximal Wedge (CPW)

Improves Load transfer proximal

Forged CoCr with grit blasted proximal body

High tensile strength

Cement normalization steps

Improves better fixation

Wrap around collar

Preserves proximal bone


  • CPW design improves load transfer in the proximal region.
  • Cement normalization steps improve fixation.
  • Forged CoCr stem provides excellent biocompatibility.
  • Optimal combination of high strength, stiffness and hardness.

Surgical Technique
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