Bipolar Hip System

Enhancing your patient’s potential to move freely again. Stabilize the damaged femur and restore hip function efficiently.

Product Information

The consensus Bipolar system is available in forged cobalt chrome to provide an optimal combination of high strength, hardness, stiffness, and excellent biocompatibility. The product offers the ability to do pre-operative planning, followed by radiographic evaluation of the affected hip joint.

Product Features

High tensile strength

Forged cobalt chrome (CoCr) Cup


38mm to 62mm in 1mm increment bipolar cups

Factory assembled modular heads

Ease of intra-op selection (-5, 0, +5 neck)


  • Combination of high strength, and hardness.
  • Wide range of sizes to suit all patient categories.
  • Pre-assembled Modular head ease the intra-op selection.

Surgical Technique
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