First Tahoe Unicondylar Knee System (TUKS) Procedure

El Dorado Hills, CA, June 2022 – Shalby Advanced Technologies, (DBA Consensus Orthopedics) proudly reports its first implantation of The Tahoe Uni-compartmental Knee System (TUKS), in Plano,Texas on June 2, 2022. The surgery was performed by Dr. Richard Reitman and was a great surgical success. This surgery marks the culmination of over 6 years of research and development. The patient, a 52 year old male, had isolated osteoarthritis in his left knee. The patient is expected to have many years of pain-relief and return to active lifestyle.

The TUKS is a complete, versatile uni-compartmental knee platform offering the surgeon a high level of flexibility through a wide range of sizing and advanced instrumentation. The clinically proven round-on-flat articulation, fixed bearing platform, and anatomical design provide for optimal knee stability, generous -range of motion and bone preservation. The instrument platform offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to optimize surgical time and intro-operative flexibility. The TUKS is a strategic fit for the fast growing uni-compartmental knee market segment. In addition, the Shalby Advanced Technology’s VitalitE, a proprietary advanced polyethylene, allows low-wear and long survivorship for patients.





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