Tahoe Unicondylar Knee System (TUKS)

TUKS is a complete and versatile Tahoe Unicondylar Knee platform with clinically proven anatomical design to give optimal knee stability, and more.

Product Information

TUKS is designed to provide maximum knee stability, generous range of motion and bone preservation. The TUKS products come with a high level of flexibility through a wide range of sizing and advanced instrumentation.

Product Features

Dual Femoral Pegs

Enable easy preparation and optimise fixation

Dual Femoral Pegs

Enable easy preparation and optimise fixation

Curved Fin

Enhances implant strength and reduces bony impact

Triple Radius

Enables a more natural tilt

Locking Mechanism

Symmetric A/P locking, and peripheral stabilizing tabs prevent pushout and micromotion

Anatomical Shape

Enables a more natural fit

Fin and Peg

Optimised alignment provides A/P and M/L stability

Anterior Bevel

Reduces soft tissue impact

VitalitE Inserts

Vitamin E blended Inserts

Constant Coronal Radius

Allows for similar contact condition over ROM and varus/valgus tilt


  • VitalitE cross-linked pin-on-disk testing demonstrated an 80%* reduction in wear
  • Fin and Peg optimized alignment, providing A/P and M/L stability
  • Bone conservation
  • Near natural motion with high flexion
  • The flat articular surface allows unconstrained motion of any femur size

(*Accutek test report K12106826-1 & K13057452-1)

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Instructions for Use (IFU)
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