SAT hosted 1st Surgeon Training for Tahoe Unicondylar Knee System (TUKS)

Date Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Location Mt. Carmel Education Center, New Albany, OH

Event Detail

SAT conducted an advanced product training lab for the Tahoe Unicondylar Knee Systems (TUKS). The group of 8 medical professionals were able to have a hands-on experience in a lab highlighting the value of the streamlined instrumentation and surgical technique.  The unique femoral milling proved to be invaluable with the balancing of the flexion/extension gap.  The lab was a great success!

One surgeon was heard saying “it seems you have taken the best of the available systems and combined them into this system (TUKS)”.

The SAT Training & Education platform comprises a robust group of people with the zeal to offer continued global education. We strive to promote highly focused training, workshops, conferences, and so much more on specific orthopedic topics. Based on the Training Program, the surgeon will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge with other experienced surgeons through our Unique Education Engagement Programs.

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